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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Cycle

Okay, I've tried various things over the years--artistically, that is--but I have always, without exception, found it difficult to break through to be heard.  Try selling a novel in the age of NaNoWriMo.  Well, you might be able to manage it, but I failed miserably.  Try making films and videos in the age of YouTube and the Everybody and His Brother Has a Film Festival and get noticed.  It's very difficult.  Neither of the two short films I made went very far, and being a failure can become an expensive hobby.

I've written and marketed a musical and sent out stories and essays and have never been able to break out into the open.  I have remained a dot in a large canvas of dots, a single pixel hidden amongst tens of millions of others.

I blame no one for this, except, perhaps, me.  Those who do succeed from these same circumstances, I applaud.  Through either superior cunning, talent, luck, or all three, they have accomplished something that I have been unable to.

Part of the problem, of course, is one of white noise.  You have to have a way of sticking out from the crowd, and I have been unable to engineer such a feat in several media.  But perhaps there is a solution.

The one medium I seem to stand nearly alone in is in multitrack audio theater.  It is where this blog began, and it will be where it ends.  For this is my final project.  Over some expanse of time, I will be recording, editing, mixing, and posting various mind movies--starting with short subjects--on my SoundCloud site.  I will post about each one here.  We will see where this goes.

You can listen to "Sharkie"

or "Don't Get Rooked"

already.  New bits will be up as they are finished.  Eventually, we will move on to more feature-length projects.  How they do is something about which we shall see.  Whatever happens, at least they will be available for all to hear.  They should be fun, too.  And, since I am standing on a ground where few others tread, I can't have the crowd as my excuse.  These will succeed or fail depending on how well I do the work.  And that's all that matters.