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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This Just In

I got a return call from the Program Manager of PRI today, and I guess that not much news is good news.

She apologized for this taking so long, but apparently, she hasn't listened to my demo CD yet. She said she hopes to get to it soon. She also offered to release it if I wanted to submit elsewhere, but I assured her that "as long as it's still in the running, why get out of the race?"

Again she was very nice and is probably terribly overworked. Right now, I wouldn't be looking to get the show on the air before next Fall, which means I should be able to pull it off as long as I get word by March. January would be better, though.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to polish off the remaining scripts and keep my fingers crossed, which really slows down my typing.


C.Potts said...

Don't lose hope! I'm not sure if radio is the same as freelancing, but usually the longer someone holds onto something, the better the result is!

Have you submitted to your local public radio stations at all? Up here we've got WAMC, ( which is huge and produces a number of thier own shows. Maybe that would be an easier route than going directly to PRI?

Len said...

Actually, I did try getting one of the local outfits, Georgia Public Radio, involved, but the then Program Manager (a really nice guy) couldn't help me out. I tried the Atlanta public radio station (WABE) about four years ago and got nowhere. I happen to know that they got burned on a similar proposal about ten years ago, so I think they're a little leery of ambitious projects.

There's also my bloated egotism to contend with.

I may end up having to raise the money myself in order to syndicate it myself, which is not impossible. Know any investors?

Shtreimel said...

Hey! the next big one!
Just remember your blog when you hit it Limbaugh style.

Whishing you,

C.Potts said...

I'm afraid I'm short on investors at the moment -- otherwise I'd be self-publishing one children's book and a short story collection :) Alas, I'm stuck with the traditional publishing model until that right lottery ticket shows up!

Len said...

Shtriemel, I think the phrase is, from your mouth to God's ear. Thanks for the good wishes.

Cynthia, I know what you mean. So much of everything comes down to money, it's depressing. At least you're writing and publishing for a living, a feat I've never been able to pull off. I'm going to blame my bloated ego for that. It can take it. Criticism just rolls off its back like it never existed.