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Monday, December 27, 2004

"If Five Will Get You Ten, Ten Will Get You Twenty"

All those years of scheming had to come to something. I have finally decided to form some sort of a production company, to be called The Beefstake Mine Company. I am working on the business plan for it, and hope to have it finished in time for the New Year. Unfortunately, this is not a kind of writing I enjoy, although I do try to work in a joke or two from time-to-time, just to keep my hand in.

If I can just wheedle a distribution deal out of PRI, I would have a bit more leverage on potential investors. Unfortunately, until then, I will have to rely on my wits and persuasive skills, neither of which is in long supply.

I will, however, say this: If you happen by this blog and if you also possess a wheelbarrow full of cash that you do not have earmarked for other endeavors, please feel free to e-mail through the link on my profile. I'd be more than happy to discuss a few pear-shaped propositions with you.


C.Potts said...

I've looked at all my cash wheelbarrows, and they seem to have emptied themselves somehow, mysteriously...

But if there are opportunities for smaller (say sand bucket size) investors, there may be more interest than you know! Let us know...there are more children on the beach with buckets than bulldozers :)

Len said...

That's very true. I am a firm believer in the notion that everybody's money is just as green as everybody else's. In fact, there's something I like about making The Beefstake Mine Company the People's Company. If Howard Dean can do it, why not me?

Thanks for the post. You've got me thinking in a whole new way about the money part of this.