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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I Got Nothing to Say/But It's Okay

I'm thinking about taking a sabbatical from blogging--not that you'd really notice the difference, given the small amount I've committed to blogshere in recent weeks. In fact, I'm having a hard time putting together the wordage to explain why. Oh, I could've just faded away like an old soldier or a grease mark on a shirt, but that's not my way. Whether this means so long or farewell or good riddence remains to be seen, but in any case, I wish you well.



Anonymous said...

Don't go.

Or, at least, come back, little hebah.

Mr. Staid

Len said...

Oh, it's probably just this wrathful mood that has overtaken me in the last couple of days. The real job thing is really getting on my wick, the feng shui in the apartment hasn't sorted itself out yet. It's a whole miasma.

I should probably write a blog post about all the times I've gotten in a snit and yelled, "That's it! I'm quitting!" and then turned around to create again.

Mal Evans said...

The lyrics to Baby Please Don't Go by Van Morrison came into my head then I realized it was about his girlfriend. That's not the way I feel about you. I guess post when you want and be a ghost when you can. I tried blogging but flaked. At least you've got something to write about.

This morning I overslept and it upset my balance so much I didn't get on track until this afternoon. Weird how we're so used to routine and schedule. Maybe I'll stay up until midnight tonight and see what happens.

Robert G. Margolis said...

Ya know, Len (and being Len himself, I expect you do): I think that periods of abstention from Blogging help to keep a Blog's quality and content well within the domain of 'something worth saying'. It's not a guarantee, by itself, but, generally, it helps. A word-fast, if you will; letting 'good ideas' and one's usual cleverness just go by in the mind without expression.

Remember our dear friend Chuang-Tzu: "Instead of using a finger to demonstrate how a finger is no-finger, use no-finger to demonstrate how a finger is no-finger. Instead of using a horse to show how a horse is no-horse, use no-horse to show how a horse is no-horse. All heaven and earth is one finger, and the ten thousand things are all one horse." (David Hinton translation of "The Inner Chapters") One finger, one horse, one word, or one anything. And "one word" is "no-word". Blog with that, and a return to words will happen in its own ripe time. Or not.

For what (little, if anything) it's worth: I was listening to a recording which circulates with the title "Alternate Abbey Road," and, during those transition chords that lead into "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window," I heard John say: "Len's gone now." I have this recording on CD and not on LP, so I can't play it backwards to find out what he's really saying...

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when people are allowed to work at home. People start thinking that they deserve to be happy and their lives should have meaning and shit like that and it invariably screws up production. Everyone should have to work in a mine, no matter what kind of work they do. The grocery mine, the dental mine, the comedy mine. This would keep things on track and prevent hope from cropping up all the time to create issues.

Miney Tim

Len said...

Mal: You're not the only only one who doesn't miss me the way they miss Van Morrison's girlfriend. AT least, in theory. Most people miss me the way they miss a popcorn husk that had lodged under the gumline. At least, that's how I understand it.

Mal Odorous

Len said...

Robert: If played backwards (and I have the entire Beatles catalogue on backwards tape that I play on an old Bias backwards tape player), that item comes out as "And the fat bastard is eating all the cranberry sauce."

Len said...

Miney (which happens to be the surname of some relatives on my mother's side of the family): Don't worry. Even though I'm no longer in the mine, I'm still getting the shaft.

Old wheezes made possible by a grant from ITC^Deltacom.

Robert G. Margolis said...

Man, what is it about that cranbury sauce? Our heritages of song and literature are rife with the dissension and acrimony that stuff has caused! But then again, I have it on good authority, it's music that is the food of love, not cranbury sauce.

How accomplished of you that you play backwards; I never even learned to play nicely.

Not so by the way, I neglected to say above that if you're looking to blow off a little darksome mood Blog steam, without Blogging it, you could just give Chuang Tzu the no-finger.

Len said...

Robert, I've been backwards most of my life and proud of it. Being backwards is more than a way of life: It's a way of life. And that's the way I saw it, and my Daddy afore him, and his Daddy afore him.