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Thursday, June 02, 2005

News Items

The AP news feed on Yahoo! just published this headline:

Bush Chooses Conservative Cox to Lead SEC

He also chooses them to lead the UN and for the courts. How is this news?

I suspect that the headline

Bush Seeks Cox

was probably rejected. Just a hunch.


Len said...

Also discarded was the head:

"Bush Taps Cox"

Len said...

Or how about

"Cox to Fill Bush Opening"


Stephanie said...

Between this and your Fiddler on the Roof lyrics from this morning...

I'm just shaking my head....

Hear the marbles?

Len said...

For the rest of society, the lyrics for "Fiddler" come in two different songs. The first would be from a distaff version of "Matchmaker":

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match.
Find me a find.
Catch me some snatch.

The second is the lost stanza to "Mozel Tov":

A pox upon your sox.
Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!
If she'll wed such a lox.
Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!
The man to whom she's loyal,
The human unlanced boil,
The tailor Motel Kamzoil.

Robert G. Margolis said...

It's funny you mention "sox"...I thought we would've already seen the headline: "Bush Drops His Sox and Grabs His Cox."

Now I'm expecting soon to see the headline: "A Cox in His Hand Is Worth Two In His Bush"

Sholom Aleichem this ain't!

Len said...

I just realized that I spelled socks like it's spelled in The Boston Red Sox. Ooops. There's my allegience showing again.

And you know what I say, "If you got 'em, Sholem."

Anonymous said...

Funny, I'd have thought that I would have plenty to say about Cox. It seems I don't. Curious!

Dodge Topic

Len said...

Obviously, I ran out of jokes for that particularly combination of words, too. Although I hear that Bush's nominee likes to take direct control of whatever organization he's running, whihc is something that those confirming him might be wary of. I can just see the headline now:

Senate Looks at Hand-On Cox."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be "Hands?" Or maybe I'm just being self-absorbed, as usual. And I think I spotted some typos, which can be dangerous when the topic is Cox.

"Cox Entangled in Senate Probe"

I got your Barbara Boxer right here.

Mit Rummy

Len said...

Yes, it should have read "hands." And "which" rather than "whihc." That's it. Show me up. Right here in my own "crib." (That's young people-speak.)

We used to have a Dick in the White House and now another Dick is just a heartbeat away and in an undisclosed location. (Although I understand that it's somewhere on the outskirts of Crazytown at the intersection of Deluded and Demented.) Now we're going to have Cox on Wall Street. Same as it ever was.

Anonymous said...

I in no way intended to point out your shortcomings, I just knew that in my case a singular grappler struck a chord of insufficiency. And Cox typos make me nervous. For example, what if you meant to say, "I hate Cox" and you accidentally typed, "I have a boundless fondness for Cox." Boy, would you be embarassed in that instance! Not that I would expect you to make a mistake like that, I just like to err on the side of caution.

Ezra Duzett
(French pronounciation)

Len said...


I appreciate your concern. Cox can be dangerous in the wrong hands. (Note the plural!) As a right-thinking American (or is it Franco-American?), you seem to be doing your best to uphold the standards that have made this company the driving force in the industry that it is.

I just realized that if Courtney Cox-Arquette dumped David and married East German spy Klaus Fuchs, she'd be Courtney Fuchs-Cox.

Anonymous said...

In that instance I think it would be best if we all just refer to her as "Honey."

Delroy Icate