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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Step Taken

Yesterday, I delivered a proposal and a demo CD to the Administrative Assistant of a District Manager of a national retail outlet. The search for sponsorship has begun.

Actually, I brought two copies of the package. Having served as an admin, I know that they typically get squat. And since she was very nice, I'm glad I did.

Keep your fingers crossed. Good wishes are gratefully accepted.

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Anonymous said...

Keeping us guessing as to which retailer,eh? I'm thinking it's either Sharper Image or Grocery Outlet (formerly Canned Foods Warehouse Stores). I'm not sure if the outlet is nationwide but it ought to be. Great deals on canned meat from Eastern Europe. Seems like they'd be a natural for radio-people love to listen to the radio while eating meat from a can that they've left on the radiator. Or maybe that's just me.

Justin Teeters