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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two Things

Thursday's weekly essay is below. Don't miss it! Unless you have to, of course. You know. I understand.

I know I said once-a-week posts, but this is special. And short. And oh so informative.

First, since I am generally only posting once each week, it might behoove anyone who wishes to keep up with it to subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog, a link for which is located at the bottom of the main page. It's really simple, and that way you'll always know when I post something new.

Second, I have started posting my thoughts on the Virginia Tech massacre and the phenomenon of rampage killings on another of my blogs, Shooting Off My Fat Trap. I'm trying to take a longer view of these tragic events than I've seen elsewhere. I'll just say here that there are no easy answers.

That blog is also available for RSS feed.