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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Frightened by Gore-Text

Republican apologist and New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote a rather scathing review of Al Gore's new book in his column this morning. He doesn't address Gore's points about the attacks the Bush Administration has made on representational democracy, but instead concentrates on Gore's distrust of television and childlike faith in the power of the Internet.

This should give you an idea of what the attacks against Gore are going to be in the coming months: More machine than man, Al Gore seeks to rule from on high.

It all just makes me think that the Democrats should draft Gore to run for President in 2008. He scares the Republicans far more than Hilary or Barack or Edwards. Put out a movie, and they pee their pants. Write a book, and they pee their pants. Run him for President, and there will be a Noah-like flood.

In 2004, the Republicans got just the Democratic candidate they wanted in John Kerry. Him they could beat, which is why they made sure that Howard Dean's "shouting" in Iowa got so much press. I mean, was that footage really meaningful in any way? No. It's only use was as an item that was easy to make fun of. And then it got run over and over and over again. Dean's candidacy got shot down for no better reason than that he looked a little silly for a few seconds and that image could be exploited.

And I'm sure that Fox News ran that clip until it got faded and the audio started to crack.

And that's what the Democrats should look for in a candidate. The Republicans may have no idea of how to run the country, but they have a great sense of who they can and cannot beat in a general election. So the Demoocrats should always look for the fear.