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Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year, Same Life

Work on Episode Three of "Plant Your Wagon" continues in dribs and drabs. I've been stuck on a particular line since yesterday afternoon. The answer will come, most likely in the form of omitting a joke entirely and just moving the plot along.

It will come, though. I'm reminded of a story about George S. Kaufman. He had a "conference" with Irving Thalberg during the writing of "A Night at the Opera." Irving asked him if the rewrites would be finished that day. "I don't know." Tomorrow? "I don't know." Thursday? Kaufman just stopped and glared at Thalberg. Finally, he said, "Do you want it Thursday or do you want it good?"

Unfortunately for me but fortunately for my now unwitting audience, I want it good. And that takes time and thought, and not just settling for the first convenient thing that comes along.

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C.Potts said...

So Thursday is open as of right now? Just don't want to miss anything whilst I'm out and about...

Seriously, it is strange. There's nothing to make ideas come but time, and time is the one thing we don't have in endless supply. Sigh.