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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Two Things

First, I am going to come right out and admit that I was wrong. Blogger did not eat my post. My wife was able to get to the entire thing from home when I could not from work. Therefore, the problem was either in the laptop I use at work or in the network. I'm guessing it was the network.

You see, the IT department (remember the days before IT departments? Weren't they dreamy?) at the company I work for seems to be led by a group of Stalinists who escaped the former Soviet Union sometime after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Everything is onerous. When I was hired, I actually went for about three weeks without a computer of any kind. The waiting list for a desktop model was three months. It was like being on the Vodka line in Moscow circa 1982.

Since, without a computer, my job description would fall somewhere to the right of paperweight, a ratty, loud, and slow laptop was pulled out of the junk heap for me. (Actually, I think it was picked off the corpse of a freshly terminated salesman.)

The inability of the current five-year plan to match supply with demand is not the only problem they present, however. Since Freedom of Expression is strictly outlawed by the Central Committee, they have installed a Mail Marshal program to vet our incoming e-mails. This program is so screwed up that it regularly rejects e-mails sent by customers and is so puritanical that it has rejected e-mails sent to me by my wife (I know, I know) for using the word "sweetie." As far as I know, you can send out pretty much anything. It's like the rest of the world is Radio Free Europe and I work for 690 KRML, All-Kremlin-All-the-Time.

Of course, we also suffer from the problem of having the servers go down with the regularity of Linda Lovelace. The Internet server, in particular, is prone to extended periods of debility, during which times it must, apparently, go lie down with a cold cloth over its forehead.

But enough of that. This regime will fall. That is, if the CEO's wife ever likes to call him "sweetie."

And now on to the second thing.

I successfully overcame the logjam on "Plant Your Wagon" last night. I think it turned out pretty good.

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