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Friday, October 21, 2005

I Hate Symantec

We have Norton anti-virus on our new PC, and I just made the mistake of okaying it to do the Live Update while I went ahead to work on other things. (In particular a rather lengthy post for this blog.) Once it was finished, a warning came up that I needed to get out of everything else I had going in order for the damn thing to automatically reboot my PC. Well, I didn't really feel like rebooting at that moment, and tried to x out of it instead of clicking OK. And the stupid thing rebooted the PC anyway!

The earlier post? Gone. The picture I uploaded? Gone. My patience? You guessed it.

What paranoid bonehead came up with this program? Is it named after Ed Norton? Who says we have free will? Screw you, Thomas Aquinas!


Anonymous said...

I hate Symantec too! Dig this: I bought a $600 package from them called LiveState. I went to install on my server. I got an error that my RAID controller driver was not supported.... Ok, thought i might be able to work this out with Symantec - hold on, sorry, no technical support! I learn that I have to have a separate support contract to get support! I am in the process of returning their disfunctional software (thankfully i bought it from a reseller and not direct), and I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SYMANTEC AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Symantec has the worst support I have ever come across. We bought multiple enterprise software products and could not use them as their "new" system would not allow registration, which is totally fine but then try getting hold of a person to assist you around the problem was impossible. It literally took weeks, and then trying to work out the issues that keep occuring with the product is a nightmare. One thing to point out is that they don't even have staff posting answers on thier forum. I see the exact problem I am having but no one from symantec will answer, and the person who was posting was totally frustrated. The products are decent, but support SUCKS!!!

DieSymantec said...

Arg, I'm ready to visit one of the symnatec call centres and commit mass genocide with a kalashnikov and a dozen grenades. Got a problem with backup exec by symantec, got put through to some retarded woman who didnt have a clue and barely spoke english, then got transfered to some equally retarded douchebag who was reading shit off a script that completely didnt answer my question! Why oh why do big organistations employ these fucking idiots? Ok, cheap labour, but dont they realise how much the end user gets annoyed by it? Im done with symantec now, fuck them all and all their bloatware software.

Len said...

Dear Die (if I may be so bold):

Thanks for giving me outright, prolonged laughter. I just happened to be watching an episode of Would I Lie to You (thank God for YouTube otherwise I wouldn't know it existed), and your rant remeinded me of David Mitchell when he gets going.