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Friday, August 10, 2007

Back in My Day

And, from At Last the 1948 Show:


kimy said...

absolutely fabulous.... somehow back in my day I totally missed out on these guys doing this, but guess it twas bound to happen seeing I was without a telly at the time living inside a matchbox inside a rolled up racing form which had been put in the dumpster next to diner where me ma, who was actually a hamster was busy tidying up...oh no that was my parallel universe -sorry...thanks for the chuckle! ni! ni! night night

Len said...


I don't think At Last the 1948 Show ever made it across the pond back then, Monty Python, The Goodies, and The Two Ronnies, all of which my older brother made me watch on PBS back in the mid-70s. Thanks to YouTube, I've been able to encounter this particular configuration of British comedians for the first time. I've also been able to rediscover The Two Ronnies, which has been a treat. It will also account for a new post later today.