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Friday, July 01, 2005

And Now for Something a Bit More Upbeat (Or, Perhaps, Beaten Up)

Work has begun on a demo of the show. Tom O'Neill is already at work at editing and mixing one scene, and my friend and actor extrordinaire, Arthur, is coming down from Asheville over the weekend so that we can record as much of the rest of the material we're doing as possible.

The demo is going to consist of, I think, six scenes taken directly from the scripts for the show with short comic intros by me into each one. The equipment that I'll be using will not be of the highest order and the acoustics in my living room might not rival those of Abbey Road Studios, but Tom can mitigate many a flaw and Arthur's a talented actor. That leaves me. Well, every endeavor has to have its challenges.

Also, I had started to correct some format problems with the script called "The anniversary Schmaltz" and have ended up rewriting it some more. Expect an update next week.

On a very tangential sidenote, you can get Phil Proctor's Planet Proctor updates emailed to you. Just go to PlanetProctor and sign up. I got my first one this morning and it looked great. Thanks, Phil!

Finally, I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth. Here in Georgia, they have decided to legalize the sale of fireworks and they can be purchased at Target and the local groc shop. We'll be spending the fourth in an underground bunker.

P.S. That reminds me of a story. George Kaufman was standing by himself at a lavish Independence Day party given by Moss Hart. Hart emplores him to join in on the festivities. Whereupon Kaufman, while continuing to stand alone, starts muttering, "Damn those British! Damn those British!"


Robert G. Margolis said...


I've been keeping 'radio silence', not broadcasting my usual blab and blabber. Recently I was reluctantly cast in the role of PHD student. The premiere of the full-time show is this coming fall, but summer rehearsals are already so word-intensive; or maybe that should be word-dementive...But the second appearance of the photograph of that old-time radio had to be acknowledged. It reminded me, too, how much I wished Ol' Doc Episodic were still here to see what you are accomplishing, and hopefully will continue to accomplish, in continued devotion to the same mysteries of radio which he celebrated, from week to week, on "Having Another One Of His Episodes". The tubes inside glowing hot with an Unseen Power, voices speaking as if they lived in one's own imagination, the nonsensical making more sense than what was supposed to make sense but never did--and, what's more, never did with a sense of humor. The Choruses of laughter and tears. Reality more real to us when made up in stories. Doc Episodic, as you know, Len, suffered all his life from "technical difficulties", but the mysteries of radio were 'in the air'; he couldn't help but breathe them in and them breathe them out into life in his characters and sketches, his unexpected 'on the air' silences...

Doc Episodic never presumed or tried to be a model or example for anyone, but I know, wherever he is, beyond the usual range of our reception, he blesses your aspirations and your fine work 'against the grain' but in the great tradition.

Anonymous said...

And, as a technical point, I find that when recording, if you are unable to afford one of those expensive microphone spit screens, simply sliding a pair of ladie's pantyhose over your head works almost as well at a fraction of the cost! Those who make do, do, and those who don't get going when the going gets tough don't. Make do that is.

Hell Oweeze

Robert G. Margolis said...

And on a much less but still slightly technical note: we're all pleased, Len, to know that through your and Doc Technical's efforts someone strives on to put at least the "demo" back in democracy.

Len said...


As a third-rate auto-didact and well known academic outlaw, I admire your ability to stick around a classroom long enough to get a PhD. I hope to someday get an honorary Associates degree from my alma mater, Community College of Rhode Island. I can then parlay that fake degree into a fake bachelor's. Can fake post-graduate degrees be that far behind.

And speaking of behinds, I also put the "crac" in democracy, especially when I wear a bathing suit.

Welcome back. You were missed.


P.S. What the degree in? Radiology?

Len said...

Dear Hell--(The nuns predicted my future correspondence with Hell. Way to go, Sister Mary Frank!)

Thanks for the advice. Fortunately, I don't have a big problem with popping P's. I can P all over the place with no noticeable effect on the recording. Just a gift, I guess.

Peter Piper