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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Yahoos

I know that some of you probably think that the life of a blogger is nothing but roses and heart-shaped balloons, but let me assure you, that is not always the case. Sometimes miscreants stop by simply to shit on your front porch. They then invariably go running off into the night, giggling with adolescent glee. I had one such visitor to an earlier post of mine last night.

Now, I could have just let it go. What's one more knothead in a world full of them? And yet, I've always considered ignorance a treatable disease and couldn't help myself from trying to shine a dim light of knowledge into the dark corners of this fool's soul.

However, odds are that Simple Simon, like Pinkerton, will never return. That sort is always too chickenshit to do anything but run, a child pretending to be a man.


Anonymous said...

Len, I sincerely apologize. I know I didn't follow the right format for indicating which states I have visited but, in my defense, I tried to use the link provided but was having trouble getting it to copy and paste correctly. In hindsight, I should have realized that this would be very rude and tried harder to get the proper format to work.

With regrets,

Norman Conquest

Anonymous said...

Ooops... I just noticed the underlined link back to the earlier post. Now I see what you were referring to! That's a relief-
looks like I'm off the hook.


Norman C.