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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Time Has Come for Us to Go

I've decided to give up the blogging life.

There are a number of reasons for this. First, I need to spend my time writing scripts, not blog posts. It all takes time and attention, and a blog post can start with me just popping off about nonsense and end with me reading appellate decisions. That's time not well spent when there are scripts to be created.

Second, blogging is a burden. It just sits there and waits for new posts. And, frankly, a blog is like a garden. It needs to be tended daily and carefully. I fear that my blog featured too much compost, anyway.

Third, I am in a mood lately to stop giving my writing away.

Therefore, I am stopping. I will leave this up for the next couple of weeks while I save the best bits and then I will delete the whole thing. The Next in the Series blog will be no more. It will cease to be. It will shuffle off this mortal coil and join the choir invisible. It will have passed on. Bleedin' dead.

Have a good journey.



Arlene said...

I haven't read much or your blog, but I am sad to see you go. I do, however, understand. Blogging is time consuming. I deleted my blog not too long ago (for different reasons) but I've noticed how much more time I have now that all I have to do is read and comment, and not write :-) I hope all goes well with your new stuff you have going on!!

Robert G. Margolis said...

And in the end...

I'm glad it was something I said!

Deb said...

and you as well...have a good journey.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to delete? I kind of like the idea of millions of abandoned websites left floating in space like photos and letters in the world's biggest junk drawer. Missives in a bottle for those cyberarchaeologists who can't be far behind. After sorting through crap all day, yours would be the kind of jewel that keeps 'em digging. Now if I want to know what you're thinking, I guess I'll have to ask.

M. Trail

Len said...

Arlene, Robert, and Deb,

Thanks for the kind words. I've always appreciated supportive readers and posters--er, I mean people who post, not pictures of kittens hanging from tree limbs that are printed on high-quality paper stock (the pictures, that is, not the kittens or limbs) so that people can hang them (again, the pictures) on a wall, door, or sometimes ceiling.

At any rate, thanks.

Len said...

Mr Trail,

I'm deleting mainly because I'm harvesting as much as I can to use at some other time, ideally for money. Oh, i know, we shouldn't think of the pursuit of money as an ideal, but somebody has to. I mean, what would a bank be without money? Just another place to stand in line, that's all.

But I like your idea, too. The Internet, at the end of the day, is just a great Sargasso Sea of detritus. The Information Superhighway is much more like a landfill when you get right down to it, although occasionally a few nice people pop their heads through the muck to make one's acquaintance. that makes it almost worth it.

Sergio said...

Hello, you must be going. Sad to see you depart. I really enjoyed your thoughts about your dad. Was that a double knit polyester leisure suit? I lost my dad in 1982 (age 53, yikes!) and I think at least one small thought about him every day. Maybe some day I'll have a nice tribute to him too. Take care.

Len said...

Bernieo, er, Sergio,

Did someone call me schnorrer? Let's hope not. I like to think that this is a classier joint than that.

Apparently '82 was a bad year for losing Dads much too early.

Thanks for your loyalty to this meagre page. maybe we'll see each other in the Unknown.